Why don't I get your emails?

Sorin Dinca -

Sometimes you might not receive our emails or get the download that you signed up for. If you have already whitelisted arsamorata.com and added us to your address book there might be another reason.

Common Causes

Filters on your inbox

You may have filters on your inbox that send the notification to your spam/trash folders. You will need to modify any filters to allow our emails to be delivered to your inbox.

ATTENTION GMAIL USERS: recent changes by Google on how your email is handled may cause you to "miss" emails from us. Read "Configuring Gmail: Moving emails from 'Promotions' to 'Primary'.

Your ISP is blocking our address(AOL and ATT are known for this)
You will need to contact your ISP to verify this is the case and to request those addresses be unblocked.

Your mail provider is blocking our address
Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail typically do not block our addresses, but it is possible this may occur.

To Fix:

Yahoo - read Yahoo's help article "Unblocking an email address or domain" (link)
Hotmail - read Hotmail's forum post "How to unblock a sender in blocked senders list." (link)

Gmail - Gmail will send "blocked" emails to your spam folder. Search for an email from us (if one exists) and click the "Not spam" option. As well, check your filters to see if you are sending to spam/trash folder.

Use a different email address - using a different address (we still recommend Gmail), notify Support to change the email address found on your existing tickets so that you are able to view and respond to them using the "Direct Access" method (e.g. logging into Support). If you want the password updated as well, be sure to let them know in the ticket.


One way to make sure you get all of our emails is by white-listing our addresses to allow all emails coming from "@arsamorata.com" Follow These Instructions for Gmail:

1. In your inbox, locate an email from info@arsamorata.com support@arsamorata.com (ex. your welcome mail for the product you just purchased).2. Drag this email to the “primary” tab of your inbox.

For other email service providers (Yahoo, AOL, etc.) please add us as a contact in your address book. Further instructions can be found here.

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